Have you had a dream to be able to completely track the making proccess of your sweatshirt or shirt from the cutting session through sewing to wrapping? We dreamed big and decided to develop a follow-up transparency system and show to you and to the whole world, that it is really possible!


From February 2022 onwards we wrap a TRANSPARENCY CARD to each and every sweatshirt and shirt we've produced and spend some minutes with handwriting all the details on the card before we close the shipping cardboard box.


Until 2021 October most of the garments were prepared and produced by ourselves in our own studio in Budapest, which means, that we two designed, made the patterns, cut and sew all the pieces. But, as it's only 24 hours a day, after 7 years we needed time besides production to deal with long-time-planned steps and parts of the brand as well: photoshoots to the website, designing sessions again - and a little free time to rest and recharge.
In 2021 we we so lucky to stumble upon an amazing sewing studio in Budapest, only 16 tram stops away (26 minutes) from our shop - and we started working together. Slowly we got to know each other, got used to count the accessories a minimum 3 times (or 4 or 5), to carry jumpers up and down the riverside in IKEA bags and developed a really friendly relationship with everyone there.
The sewing studio of Emese and her husband is more than just a manufacturing spot: this is a real multicultural experience with such empathy and patience towards each other, regardless of nationality, language, sex and life story, we could never imagine before. This was the place we thought worth keeping, integrating to and show to the world.




We are really proud of working with them this season again and are proud to be able to write the names on the card who made our clothes - sometimes it's our own names, sometimes it's their amazing ladies and gents.

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