RETOUCH label was founded in 2023 and stands for all circularity projects connected to us. Since the very beginning we've been working hard on saving all our textile scraps and side leftovers as we truly believed in discovering some ways to transform them to useful items in the future. We kept searching for traditional or modern methods to learn in order to be able to fulfill our commitment and finally we got closer and closer to success.

Since 2022 we placed an important emphasis on independent projects focusing on any possible upcycling and recycling options of any kinds of waste we produce: we tried traditional papermaking, weaving and even patchworking - and here we are now.

Welcome our new side label RETOUCH and it's specific independent projects:


All handwoven rugs and carpets made from our textile roll side leftovers by Foundation for the Disabled in Százhalombatta, Hungary.


All handcrafted traditional mould-made paper sheets and notebooks made by Orfűi Malmok, a traditional water and paper mill in Orfű, Hungary.


All second hand Touch Me Not Clothing pieces: we are working hard on the future possibility to take back our own clothing pieces from their original owners and resell them after some refreshment (and repairs - if needed).


All new clothing we make from new fabrics produced by our supplier Lebenskleidung which were left in the textile factories by another brands, mostly because of aesthetic reasons (color deviation or pattern varience which did not meet the needs of the original client, but are actually perfect for us). 


All patchwork clothing made by us in our own workshop with the use of our own bigger textile scraps.